1. Davenport’s Complaint 1/6/17
  2. Report – Third-Year Report Template Dixie State University Theatre Program 04/17/2014 MH allegedly wrote this document.
  3. Testimonials for all three Professors
  4. MH SWOT Report Pages 1-6

6. Students coerced to complain about Davenport (pg.37):

The student who submitted this statement wishes to remain anonymous:                    

“I just remember him (Houser) pulling me aside when I had a question about an audition for a show he was directing and him abruptly changing the topic to see if I had any grievances with Varlo and some of the things other students had come to him in regards to Varlo. I then told Varlo what had happened and that we both thought it was strange, but dismissed it as here-say. It’s hard to remember the specifics.”   

The student who submitted this statement wishes to also remain anonymous:

  “I can personally testify that I was approached by Mark Houser via text and in person multiple times to write a report against Varlo and that Mark Houser had slandered Varlo Davenport to me both on and off campus multiple times”                                                           

7. DSU policy 304.4.5: An employee will receive a copy of any derogatory or negative information by its originator before it is placed in his/her file.

8. DSU Policy 304. While departments may keep secondary employee files, certain employment items must be given to Human Resources for the employee’s official personnel file.  These include: Probationary and/or Annual Performance Appraisals as defined in DSU Policy 325: Probation and DSU Policy 327: Performance Appraisals. Job Description changes or updates as defined in DSU Policy 351: Job Classification. Disciplinary actions as defined in DSU Policies 371-380.

9.  MH Unanimously denied tenure the first time

Actual quote from faculty review board:

“And the chairman of the school faculty review committee came to me and said that the — that Mr. Houser’s — that he hadn’t been prepared for what happened at the committee with regard to Mr. Houser and that the committee had voted unanimously to not recommend continuance for Mr. Houser” 

10. Employees denied tenure don’t usually keep their jobs: Policy 641. “A faculty member whose application for tenure, continuing status, or non-probationary status is not approved will not be reappointed in accordance with DSU Policy 371: Faculty Termination.”

11. “Development Plan” 

12. MH’s “classroom incident” statement from student

13. Two students statements as allegedly told by MH 

14. MH’s email with “development plan” and student’s statements to President Williams 

“[T]here is a clear and serious violation of multiple institutional policies including, but not limited to, breech [sic] of confidentiality (on multiple levels involving faculty responsibilities), personal conduct/conflict of interest, discrimination and harassment and nepotism. Professor Davenport has certainly exhibited serious misconduct and unethical behavior in his interactions with faculty, students and our [sic] even the public. He has been warned and reprimanded in regard to many of these infractions before. In this particular situation there is a clear trend. As long as the cycle has continued, and as I am aware, long before my time, it is apparent that the behavior will not change. Prof. Davenport’s hier [sic] of entitlement and ego end up turning faculty and students off of theater. They are hindering the educational, production and operational progress of the department. He does not work well with others…Such harassment or discrimination undermines the sense of human dignity and belonging of all people in the environment.”

  1. DSU Policy Violation: Policy 633.4.2.2: “Faculty should reasonably expect a safe work environment, free from harassment, discrimination or violence. In addition, faculty members should reasonably expect a work environment with adequate resources for them to perform their assigned duties, insofar as institutional funding limitations permit.”

4.2.3: “Faculty members have the right to be evaluated within a consistent and equitable process as defined In Policy 642: Faculty Evaluations. Full-time faculty members have the right to participate in regular evaluation of academic administrators.”

  1. Students contradict the assault testimony . See also source 35, Ken Peterson’s wife’s statement. 
    1. Affidavit written by student
  2. Student gets job with BW  
  3.  No complaints in Davenport’s File; MH has “years of complaints,” instruction from legal counsel not to take these into account
  4. Davenport and BC’s email chain regarding faculty review board content: Complaint
  5. DSU Policy faculty review board after termination: Policy 371.4.2.1
  6. Faculty Review Board Statement: 
  7. “Response to Grievance Files” sent to the president:

MH’s e-mail response to BW after the Faculty Review Board:

“Here is all the information (in the next 3 emails) you requested from my employee file on interactions with Professor Davenport. Most are from the last year. There are many accounts which span the 5 years I have been here. Accounts beyond the last year were included for the reason of establishing the trend of unacceptable behavior and unprofessionalism exhibited by Professor Davenport. I am told there were many more before I arrived but found no record. Former Dean, Brent Hanson, may be able to offer some insight there…In my five years with the institution, and the Theatre department, I have seen many more instances glazed over and not reported. I have kept record for that purpose. I have held a meeting at the end of each year, for the past 3 years, with Professor Davenport to discuss what I can do to encourage a better working relationship and to build trust between us. Each time promises were made but each time Professor Davenport returned to his habits and over the years, his demeanor toward administration and toward me have gotten worse. I have done all I can, exhaustingly, short of discounting my own integrity, to support Professor Davenport. Beyond that, I also have a responsibility to do what is best for our program, the students and the other faculty. I believe I have done that, overextending myself in many ways to do so. You mentioned in our meeting with the other administration that you were dedicated to doing what was “right and good”. I have been and I am striving to do the same. Please feel free to talk to me in person if you need any clarification…”

  1. President ignores the Faculty review board findings and terminates Davenport
  2. Community Petition for Davenport
  3. News regarding Davenport’s termination and petition
  4. BW to DR emails to pressure county attorney: 1, 2, 3(pg.27)
  5. News regarding Davenport possibly having an affair with a student
  6. “Met with Davenport 3 times” statement by BW
  7. BW corrects his “3 times” statement
  8. BW “There is other evidence you don’t know about”
  9. BW “…it had been going on for a long time. I made the right decision in firing him.”
  10. Assault charges, Davenport is booked
  11. DSU won’t comply with metadata requests
  12. Judge exparte collusion
  13. Ken Peterson’s wife’s statement
  14. “Not guilty” verdict
  15. DSU’s Statement after the trial
  16. MH is denied tenure again
  • Pages 88-89 list all the professors from DSU that the President is recommending for tenure or rank advancement this year. MH is not on the list.
  1. Policy violation:
  2. Ken Peterson’s termination letter: 
  3. Utah Code 67-21-3-2
  4. Dr. Glenn Webb and Dr. Ken Peterson are Terminated
  5. Dr. Ken Peterson’s Official Response to Termination
  6. Don Reid admitting there is no case:
    “The truth is if I — if I look at his syllabus and it’s in his syllabus that you might would be intimidated for the purpose of teaching you to dig deep, if he’s got that in his syllabus, we’re not going to get criminal charges against him….. I’ve seen movies where acting coaches and acting teachers will do this on a higher level. This is drama. This is an acting class. I’ve done this for other students to get out of them. And if I were to find out that this is done in acting class at other universities I’d
    realize I don’t have a case.”
  7. MH’s e-mail to President BW
“[I]t is the Chairs [sic] recommendation that professor Davenport’s contract with DSU Theatre department be terminated entirely, based on the destructive nature and trend in his classrooms, the level of unceasing unethical behavior toward students and faculty, lack of professionalism and the general sense of terror that exists among the students in (and outside of) the department. The Theatre department has been losing a steady number of students each year due to the atmosphere that is being promoted by the performance faculty in general. Progress cannot be made if we are deterring students from our program”

3 thoughts on “Sources

  1. Thank you so much for compiling this information all in one place! I would like to see more specific information concerning the reasons for Drs. Peterson and Webb being terminated. I have seen Ken’s termination letter and offial response, but I feel it would be useful to have it all in one place for those who have little to no information on the subject and who are reading all of this for the first time. Thanks again!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We made some changes to better explain what was included in Peterson’s termination letter within the timeline. Take a look and let us know if this is adequate. Please feel free to suggest any more changes that you think would help


  2. This was laid out in an extremely thorough and factual way.
    I’m gobsmacked at the blaring corruption of the DSU administration. I hope Davenport wins his case against them, is compensated, MH and BW are fired, and DSU loses millions of dollars.
    MH and BW are deceitful liars. They are a shameful embarrassment to DSU and the community of St. George.


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